1. by Sabine Rewald

    by Sabine Rewald

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  6. Falling Garden
    San Staë church on the Canale Grande
    50th Biennial of Venice, 2003

  7. Permy Salon, Korea

    The Permy Salon, designed by local firm M4 uses sky blue accents, translucent upside down trash cans over the ceiling lights, and cartoon graphics to make this friendly establishment the next go-to hair salon. The tiny 36 square meter shop has a simple layout; the main salon is in the front of the store, while three small private treatment rooms retreat to the back.

    (Photography by Lee Pyo-joon)

  8. Starbucks Coffee Shop, Fukuoka, Japan.

    (Photography: Kengo Kuma)

  9. GlassBoy is a clever ad aimed at reducing car speed. It was created by Israel-based designer, Roni Kleiner, an experienced TV Commercial Director. He specialises in creating VFX and animation enriched commercials. This video is amazing, and is well worth a watch. It starts off by showing a boy who turns into glass, which acts as a metaphor for the fragile nature of children.

  10. This crazy colorful chair is PE stripe meltdown chair by British designer Tom Price.

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