1. Spring idea from Mark & Spencer

    Spring idea from Mark & Spencer

  2. Spring idea from Mark & Spencer

    Spring idea from Mark & Spencer

  3. Maison garage: old parking as tiny home in Bordeaux, France

  4. Micro houses in Japan


    If you humanize objects (I do), you will be delighted by this piece. Listen to Your Hands desk by Sanghyeok Lee has just won second prize in the [D3] Contest during the IMM Cologne 2012. The drawers of the desk are connected, so if you push one with force – others will respond by moving. But if you are gentle – the drawers can be operated individually, without setting other parts of the desk in motion. Designer elaborates: “Listen to Your Hands looks at the most sensitive of human senses, touch; it communicates a whole world of information to us and it explores how we can create a relationship to an object, a sort of dialogue, through touch. A push of one drawer pulls out another as if in direct conversation with the action. A gentle closing of a drawer keeps the others intact thus communicating to us that we need to act with intention, we need to listen with our hands.”

  6. Garage Mini House



  7. Dulux Walls Ad

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